Founder/ Principal

Our professional teachers love learning and pass that love and excitement to the children.

Ussama Rasool Qadri

Founder/ Principal

B.A., B.Ed (IoBm), CSML - Leading Schools (Harvard Business School) Leadership in Early Learning (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

A Visionary Educationist Redefining Learning at VIVI the Bear School.

At the helm of VIVI the Bear School stands a visionary educationist whose passion for transformative education has left an indelible mark in Pakistan’s educational landscape. As the founder and principal, Ussama Rasool Qadri brings forth a remarkable journey and an unparalleled commitment to fostering holistic learning experiences:

As the founder & visionary behind Candy Club, Pakistan’s first ECE institution employing the Waldorf Approach, Ussama redefined education through innovation. Harvard-certified in School Management and Leadership, their diverse expertise in Art, Philosophy, and Education drives collaborative projects with esteemed schools like Karachi Grammar School, Bay View High, and The Haque Academy, uplifting educational standards.

An advocate for inclusive learning, Ussama has contributed to programs like the Karachi Downs Syndrome Program and has led impactful teacher training at DUHS. Renowned as a speaker, he has addressed audiences at prestigious universities like IoBM, shedding light on ECE and Anthroposophy. Their brainchild, Project Speak Up, revolutionizes teacher training to enrich the educational landscape.

At VIVI the Bear School,Ussama’s commitment to visionary education is the cornerstone of our ethos—a commitment to fostering a generation of curious, empathetic, and empowered learners prepared to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

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Rameen Taj

For the past four years, I’ve been an integral part of this remarkable team, starting as a volunteer with a background in conventional schooling. Initially, I held the belief that schools were places where strict rules inhibited our ability to express ourselves freely. However, my perspective underwent a profound transformation when I encountered an exceptional mentor who embodied a philosophy of breaking down barriers and fostering an environment where children could openly speak their minds.

This transformative experience happened at ViVi, a unique school that stood in stark contrast to my previous notions of education. Under the guidance of inspiring educators, including a mentor we’ll simply refer to as Sir Ussama, I found myself drawn to the vibrant atmosphere where restrictions melted away. This shift fueled my passion, leading me to attend classes even on regular school days, occasionally daring to skip my own classes.

My involvement deepened during a summer break when I joined ViVi’s summer camp as a volunteer, making it my favorite summer yet. Post my matriculation, I made the daily journey to the school, realizing that my connection with the kids, especially those with special needs, was something I couldn’t easily let go of. Recognizing my potential, the educators at ViVi, including Sir Ussama, instilled in me skills like woodwork and pottery—something I never thought I could excel in before.

I am forever grateful for the invaluable mentorship and opportunities presented to me at ViVi, particularly under the guidance of Sir Ussama. The years spent there are filled with countless memories, and I can’t fathom leaving the school and the children behind. My dream now is to pass on the knowledge and skills acquired under the ViVi philosophy to our students. I aspire to create a school that mirrors ViVi’s ethos, a place where children who don’t conform to traditional educational settings can explore life skills, farming, arts, pottery, and woodwork alongside their academic studies.