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VIVI the Bear School is a primary school located in Karachi, inspired by the Waldorf approach to education. It offers a nurturing environment for preschool and elementary children, fostering holistic development and a love for learning.

The founder of VIVI the Bear School is Ussama Rasool Qadri, renowned as the founder and director of Candy Club and Candy Club School, although VIVI the Bear School operates independently and is not affiliated with Candy Club.

VIVI the Bear School is inspired by the Waldorf approach, focusing on child-centered, holistic education that emphasizes creative expression, imagination, and hands-on learning to nurture well-rounded individuals.

VIVI the Bear School caters to preschool and elementary-aged children, providing education and a nurturing environment for children in their early learning years.

VIVI the Bear School stands out for its emphasis on holistic learning, creative expression through arts and crafts, fostering imagination, and a curriculum tailored to meet the developmental needs of young children.

Yes, VIVI the Bear School accepts admissions for preschool and elementary classes. To apply or inquire about admissions, please visit our admissions page on the website or contact our administrative office for further information.

At VIVI the Bear School, we embrace diversity and ensure an inclusive environment by providing support services tailored to meet the individual learning needs of all children.

Yes, we offer personalized support services, accommodations, and specialized learning strategies to ensure that every child, regardless of their learning style, feels included and supported.

We foster a culture of empathy, respect, and understanding by celebrating differences, promoting kindness, and encouraging collaboration and mutual support among students.

Yes, our educators receive specialized training in inclusive education and strategies to cater to diverse learning needs, ensuring a supportive learning environment for all students.


Our preschool program is designed for children typically aged between 1.5 to 5.5 years old, fostering early development and a love for learning in a nurturing and creative environment.

Our preschool curriculum emphasizes play-based learning, storytelling, artistic activities, and nature exploration, aligning with the Waldorf-inspired approach to support children’s social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

At our preschool, we focus on fostering imagination, creativity, and social skills through a curriculum that values hands-on learning, imaginative play, and nurturing a child’s natural curiosity.

Yes, our preschool offers activities like circle time, creative arts and crafts, outdoor play, and storytelling sessions, all designed to stimulate young minds and encourage holistic development.

To enroll your child in our preschool program, please visit our admissions page on the website or contact our administrative office for information on admissions procedures and availability.

Elementary School

Our elementary program caters to students typically aged between 5.5 to 10.5 years old, offering a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with the developmental stages of primary education.

Our elementary curriculum extends the Waldorf-inspired approach, emphasizing interdisciplinary learning, hands-on experiences, and engaging activities to nurture critical thinking and creativity.

Our elementary education focuses on experiential learning, fostering a deep understanding of subjects through storytelling, artistic expression, nature studies, and collaborative projects.

Yes, our elementary program includes activities like gardening, music lessons, handwork, and project-based learning that encourage exploration, creativity, and a deeper connection to the subjects.

For enrollment in our elementary program, please refer to our admissions page on the website or contact our administrative office to learn more about the enrollment process and availability.


Our daycare facility welcomes children typically ranging from infants to preschool-aged, providing a safe and nurturing environment for early childhood care and development.

Our daycare program includes supervised play, age-appropriate activities, rest periods, nutritious meals, and nurturing care to support a child’s growth and development.

While the daycare operates independently, it shares the school’s ethos of holistic development, offering a caring environment that promotes creativity, socialization, and sensory experiences.

Yes, our daycare services are available during specific hours to accommodate working parents or those seeking reliable care for their children. Please inquire for specific timings.

To enroll your child in our daycare program, please visit our admissions page on the website or contact our administrative office for information on registration and availability.